Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Yup, We Over-Packed

My two daughters and I have been headed north to EYMC for six years now.  My husband is the lucky one who has car loading and unloading duty every year.  There is never a year that goes by without a fair amount of dad griping about the over-packing and the ridiculous amounts of "stuff" requires by his three lovely ladies roughing it at EYMC.  When he picks us up though, he is always so excited to see us, he doesn't complain.  That's a good thing because we all come back with a LOT more that we packed.

What we bring home each year is a well-spring of faith and love we rely on all year.  We dip into that well often.  I, as mom, find myself saying things like, "remember what we learned at camp..." or "I'm sorry that happened, close your eyes. Take a deep breath, and think of camp. Remember, you are loved."

I am overwhelmingly grateful for this little campfire village all these children find themselves gathering in once a year. As a parent, I know that this village is helping me raise my daughters knowing that they are setting foot in the big scary world, with not only arms of 12 campers and staff surrounding them, but, of course, God himself.

-Annie Schilling, Counselor for Cabin 6

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