Thursday, August 6, 2015

You've goat to be kidding me!

Helping with the goats has been a highlight of my week.  We go to the pens and spend time with the 4 goats: Emma, Eva, Selena, and Georgie.  Selena is a spunky little goat who always challenges one of the leaders, Emma.  She'll charge and give a playful head-butt, all while sticking her tongue out.  Emma retaliates by rearing back on her hind legs and landing with another head-butt.  Meanwhile, Eva is climbing all over me to get to the bucket of treats.  Literally climbing into my lap!  This whole time Georgie is usually watching everything, but steering clear of the conflict.  The campers love feeding and playing with the goats, and some even got to walk them on leashes!  The goats definitely have interesting personalities which makes for an enjoyable activity time.

Katy S.

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