Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday update and notes from cabin 4

Hello from camp Heartland.  What a beautiful day it was.  The staff that came up early to set up were able to sleep in a bit before continuing the work.  All of the areas have been set up.  Some areas are a lot more work than others.  Bells for example; tables, pads, tablecloths, bells in the right order and location for the music, mallets, music stands, music, gloves etc (I know I probably forgot something)  Band had chairs, music stands, and music.   The choir room had to move the heavy furnature out to make room for all the chairs and keyboard.   A complete store was set up for canteen.  And there were many other areas to be set up and things to be done.  

Only a few little problems, but most not without a solution.  We were not able to get the badges ready in time, lanyards and all but clever thinking found a temperary solution until the badges were finished and distributed.... We are still having Internet connectivity issues.  Moving to plan C tomorrow.  There are a few more options to explore.  When things are working well more stories and pictures will be posted here and in the photo gallery.  Gallery link should be at the top of the link list to the right.

The campers arrived, unpacked, and met their other cabin-mates.  Introductions and some 'points of information' followed by a special message of welcome from Bishop Brian in person!  Tours by cabin group, some cabin bonding time, campfire, and finally bed.  Members of the leadership team read the first chapter of Joseph campers as they were falling to sleep.  good night and sleep well as we have a fun week ahead.

(this message typed on my little phone)

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