Thursday, August 20, 2015

Friday, August 7, 2015


As I sit composing this blog message, I hear the all the campers doing their rehearsal in the cafe.  They sound great!

The performance starts at 1:00 but please do not arrive before noon as we will still be getting ready and would like to avoid any distractions.

Also, keep an eye on road construction and closures.  There are a few notable ones around the Twin Cities.  Full details can be found here:

A pause between songs for instruction

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pictures continue...

Pictures continue to be processed and uploaded as time and the Internet connection allow.  Keep checking back; pictures are added to the galleries as they come in so the existing galleries will change over time as well as new ones being created.

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Rain? No problems!

We had a little rain this afternoon into the evening.  When it rains, we improvise!  Indoor campfire with wood and Christmas lights!

Hippy night

A group made a peace banner and led an impromptu parade for hippy night

BOOF 2015

Last night was an AMAZING experience for me!  My first time attending a Boof tournament.  Not only was I in attendance, I was a co-commentator with Kate Kidwell.

Well folks, I'm a baseball fan; I'm a football fan; I'm a basketball fan; but Boof takes the cake.  I can see why some of the campers want to take it professional.  We could replace Molitor Field with The Paul Molitor Boof Stadium!

The game started fast.  Camper strategies were abundant.  There were the peripheral runners-- although they were sometimes tag-teamed by Boofers.  Campers enclosed themselves in clumps of other running campers.  This method had its downside, as the circle of campers diminished, those in the middle lost their advantage and soon the Boofing began.

As round two began, it appeared that many of our Boofers were losing steam.  While they continued to double-team it and fake left-turn right, there were a lot more misses than hits.  As the game came to a close, faces were smudged with flour, arms marked with Xes, and black socks misaimed and on the ground.  It was a good game with a solid effort on both sides.

One exciting addition to this year's game included a drone recording the the field of play.  Boof officials are discussing the possibility of introducing instant replay on close Boof calls.  But we'll have to wait till next year when the final word comes from the Boof Commisioner's Office.

Until then, signing off.  It was a great 2015 season.  See you next year!