Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Exploring Instruments with cabin 4

One of our afternoon rotations includes Exploring Instruments.  Included in this time is discussion of all types of things.  Below is a sample:

Question: "Who would we want to work at camp?"

Ernie: Cyborg or Garfield
Keelan: All the Presidents (We hope Obama can make room in his schedule)
Kellen: Meteorologist
Kusi: Michael Jackson
Lance: Elvis Presley

Question:"If we had a billion dollars we would?"

Ernie: Fix anything broken and make a second gaga* pit
Keelan: 2 professional gaga pits
Kellen: More cabins and professional Boof **Stadium
Kusi: Kusi is still considering the options, but leading towards some gaga additions
Lance: Buy waterskis for all of camp (let's hope that includes insurance to use the lake)

*Gaga is a game much like dodgeball, but played in a fenced in court

**Boof is a tag-like game, but people are tagged with socks full of flour.  To get un-frozen after being tagged, a medic will come and ask you questions (often faith-based). Once answered correctly a person is unfrozen and can continue playing.  You get three frozen tries until you are out.

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