Monday, August 3, 2015

Creative Writing

The Creative Writing Activity also focused on what they were blessed with.  They read a poem called “little tree” by e.e. cummings.  The speaker writes about his beautiful Christmas tree that he is so thankful for.  He can decorate it, put in the window and share it with everyone who passes by.  The creative writers were asked to think of something that they were thankful for.    A talent.  A person.  An Object.  Anna Duong-Topp is blessed with her cat Lacey.  She was generous enough to share her ode to Lacey with the EYMC blog:


You always amaze me
Black cat with green eyes.
With your crazy, annoying,
Relentless nine lives.
How do you scream at me,
All morning long?
For food, water, love,
Or nothing at all?
You’ve surely got talents,
There’s no question there.
The way that you stretch
To lick all of your hair.
But you make me happy,
Sweet kitten, you do.
When you purr and you cuddle
And sit in my shoes.
I’m so thankful you’re here
With all your weird quirks.
And I love that you are just
So strange that it works!
Thanks for everything cat,
For all that you bring.
Because, after all,
We both know you’re a king.

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